About CDH


Caerphilly & District Hun has1950 when it was started as a trencher-fed pack by a number of neighbouring farmers. It is a private pack which is run by a committee that meets weekly and although it is not registered with the Masters of Foxhounds Association and does abide by their rules. CDH are also a long standing member of the Federation of Welsh Packs. The hunt is mounted and meets every Saturday from the end of October to the beginning of March with a pack of largely welsh hounds which are bred within the hunt. It is a hunt which prides itself on its friendly reputation.

The hunt operates within the laws laid down by the Hunting Act of 2004. Therefore our hounds will only follow a laid drag or be out on exercise.

Caerphilly and district hunt operates by the invitation and goodwill of local farmers who have traditionally offered strong support by allowing access to their land and also by utilising open and common ground.

CDH is unique in the South Wales area as the only hunt that actually owns its own kennels and the ground they stand on.

The hunt is purely amateur, no one gets paid and all of its officials, officers and servants give their time freely for the love of the sport. For this reason there is a very strong social element which also raises all the funds to cover the day to day expenditure which in this day and age is not inconsiderable. This includes our Hunter Trials, the Hunt Ball, the Terrier & Lurcher Show, Fun Rides and various social evenings.

So if you’re looking for some interesting riding over land you wouldn’t otherwise have access to in convivial company why not give us a try?